Updating a result set

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String Buffer updates = new String Buffer(); updates.append("UPDATE table_name "); updates.append("SET Step Name = ? "); Statement update Statement = connect.create Statement(String()); update String(1, "Bla Bla"); update Int(2, 143); update Statement.execute Update(); When you make your call to create Statement you need to use the overload that allows you to specify an updatable resultset.

Here is an example if found: I think it's possible that not all driver\databases support this operation.

The updater methods are used to update column values in the current row or the insert row.

The updater methods do not update the underlying database; instead the update Row or insert Row methods are called to update the database.

A default Result Set object is not updatable and has a cursor that moves forward only.

Thus, you can iterate through it only once and only from the first row to the last row.

No matter what database you use, there's a good chance that there's already a JDBC driver available for it.

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On the Windows platform and even some Unix platforms, the ODBC API (Open Database Connectivity) gives you a standard database API that works with many different databases.JDBC solves the same problem as ODBC because it also gives you a standard database API.Like ODBC, the JDBC package itself doesn't know how to connect to any database. $Id: LICENSE,v 1.8 * 2004/02/09 ian Exp $ * * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: * 1.Sun's, and James Gosling's, * pioneering role in inventing and promulgating (and standardizing) the Java * language and environment is gratefully acknowledged.

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