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The makers of some of these balls and clubs were George and Henry Milne.George Milne was a noted golf-ball maker c1753 and Henry Miln was a club-maker who died in 1755.Many ministers trained at St Andrews and learnt golf there and took it with them throughout Scotland.St Andrews University was founded in 1413 and one of its earliest graduates, Sir Gilbert Hay, scholar and international traveller, is probably the first individual writer to use the word 'golf', which he did in a poem in 1460.A decade later, Francis Scott, the 2nd Earl of Buccleuch (1626-1651), and his brother David, were also students at St Andrews in 1636-38, playing golf and doing archery.

While at St Andrews, Melville was provided with he 'necessars' (necessaries) for 'archerie and golf'.

Patrick saved money by bulk buying 5 or 6 dozen at a time direct from the ball-maker, Andrew Rynde.

Rynde is the first known golf ball-maker at St Andrews.

The first noted student golfer at St Andrews is in about 1574, when golf 'club and balls' are recorded in the diaries of James Melville.

He studied Theology there from 1571 to 1574, though he is listed in the roll of entrants to his college in 1569.

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