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Let's see, how do I give examples of this show's psychic abilities without seeming too negative? It's almost like the show realized she was a waste of time and just called it a day?Or, in the example most relevant to this recap, the fact that by episode 2 of this season Stefan is already out of the safe and Silas seems so doomed?(All chapters are also available on Tumblr)The rating as "explicit" is only because of a few drabbles that contain smut, but those are rather rare. should honestly be called “Wolf Hotties” based on all the sexy men who star on the show.Of course, one could argue that this show also sometimes jumps the gun and ends plotlines prematurely (Lexi's existence comes to mind), but that's a fair tradeoff if it keeps the twists churning.

And sure, maybe it's not exactly batting a thousand (which is a baseball euphemism that means "full intercourse") when it comes to successful plotlines, but considering it wrings four seasons' worth of story out of each season it airs, this show's success rate is astonishingly high.The Vampire Diaries S05E02: "True Lies"I may only have several thousand flaws, but certainly one of the biggest is my inability to realize when people are sick of me. Like, someone's entire body language and maybe even their spoken language will be saying "Price, kindly get the f*ck out of here so that I can relax or eat my meal or raise my family or slip into a dreamless sleep, please, I'm so tired, please just leave already." But then here's me thinking we're still having a great time and I'm laughing and rolling around on the living room floor ripping up newspapers and frightening the help. I overstay my welcome sometimes or even most of the time or maybe even always.But as it turns out, knowing what your audience thinks is harder than it looks!Oliver is back after five years in hell, and he's returned home to save his city, etc. This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family.Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances.

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