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k Ru Sh NAnanda: Aitareya and Taittiriya | Essence of The Aitareya and Taittiriya Upanishads by Swami e006. | English translations online: ********** upa-Rig: Rig veda upanishads s001. Most of the texts are in pdf format, while some are in djvu, itx or other schemes of transliteration or plain text. The audio files are invariably mp3 files that we would only use for personal listening (since some of them might have copyright restrictions); some texts are to be read online. kapi Sh Thalaka Tha samhit A | ved-sam: mantra sa Mhit A: s Ama veda s001. Griffith | ********** ved-ath: mantra sa Mhit A: atharva veda s001. This section has English books on guru charitam--life accounts, shi Shya anubhavam--devotees' experiences, satsangham--teachings of sages, and shik Sha Nam--education from their essays.

Meantime, I shall give the text tiles and links in convenient instalments, so you can start downloading them. vedas and brahma s Utra mantras (Griffith) Brahma-Sutra-Mantras e007. Besides the treasure packs themselves, I was happy to discover something else, perhaps equally precious: as against the expectation that trying to read--even glance at--a Sanskrit work is bound to be a daunting task, I found out that with just the knowledge of the Sanskrit alphabets and a small vocabulary of just a few Sanskrit words such as I have, it could be an interesting and definitely rewarding experience. We can have a plan to hone our Sanskrit-reading skills: • We can start with small texts such as the shlokas and stotras, specially those supported by audio files and meaning texts; in a short time, we would be able to read and understand most of them, even without the meanings and audio. Additionally, our Library would also have translated texts and essays that introduce other Indian religions: Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. I have included a section called sa Ms Ara lekhya M--secular writings, in Sanskrit with translations and essays where possible: such as a few works of the great k ALid Asa, other s Ahitya-kart As--authors, subh AShita and n Itish Astra.

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