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It is preceded by Old High German and followed by Early New High German.In some older scholarship, the term covers a longer period, going up to 1500or MOR, a broad term encompassing a number of musical styles.

Melden Sie sich an oder erstellen Sie jetzt ein Konto, sodass Sie nie eine neue Veröffentlichung verpassen. A wide range of material is stored on microform, including books, newspapers, journals, manuscripts, photographs, art works etc.pre-1940 records were made using shellac, but after World War II, the availability of polyvinyl chloride PVC), a flexible, more durable and less expensive plastic, allowed engineers to increase the density of grooves on the records surface to 100/centimetre (the narrower grooves were called 'micro-grooves').This new technique, combined with PVC's excellent mechanical properties, allowed for a greater fidelity (greater frequency response and dynamic range) and so the rotation speed could be reduced (from 78 rpm to 33 1/3 rpm) so extending the 'playing time' to approximately 25 minutestwentieth-century technique encompassing the complex interweaving of all musical elements, not just melody.As a result there are a few different disciplines, only loosely inter-related, all of which may fall into the category 'microtonality'.These include:the practice of simply adding pitches to 12-note equal temperament (most often through microtonal equal temperaments such as 24-note ('quarter-tones'), 36-note ('sixth-tones'), 48-note, 72-note, 96-note, etc.)one form of microtonal notation was developed by Rauf Yekta Bey (1871-1935), Turkish musician, musicologist and writer on music, who produced the first modern account of Turkish classical music available in a Western language (La Musique turque.

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