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Israel banned Muslim men under the age of 50 from a contested Jerusalem shrine Friday and deployed about 3,000 police nearby, ahead of expected Muslim protests over the installation of metal detectors at the holy site.

The age restrictions and police deployment came hours after Israels security Cabinet decided not to overrule an earlier police decision to install metal detectors at the gates to the walled compound.

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Shot for Playboy, the comedian encounters several bouncers on the door of various clubs.

It shows her with her in what she says was a staged photograph taking a hit from a bong as her friend lights it.

This would be fine as a resident of Oregon for marijuana is legal for use recreationally by those over 21.

Also a high can mean a mother is less responsive to her babys needs. The internet is going wild for a young man who has risen to fame thanks to his ripped up body coupled with a bit of a nerdy look. A photographer and a male model, Mr Tan lives a life many would dream of as he gallivants around the world shooting and being shot in the company of beautiful people.

Chuan Do may have the boyish good looks that many of us would give our left nut for, but hes a fair way from boyhood the blokes 50!

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