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Copies of death records filed before 1916 may be obtained from the Illinois Regional Archives Depository (IRAD) system if IRAD holds death records for that particular county or from the county clerk in the county where the death occurred.

For example, the Illinois Department of Public Health may have data entered that contains incorrect vowels in spelling a name (e.g., the surname Hascall may be incorrectly spelled Hoscoll).Other errors in the index include showing the wrong sex or race for the decedent.For example, a female decedent may be shown as being a male (M) or a white decedent (W) might be shown as being a Negro(N).However, because the index was created from the original (usually handwritten) documents, the spellings of names were sometimes misinterpreted.Misspellings and incorrect data were also introduced simply through human error.

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