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Collectively, the siblings enjoy each other’s company during certain activities. All claim to be huge fans of Major League Baseball team Arizona Diamondbacks.They sometimes attend games at Chase Field in Phoenix – always with hotdogs included.BAILEY “It’s hard sharing a birthday because all the attention is focused on all of us instead of just one of us,” said Bailey Masche.

The six youngsters, who are of Chandler, are in Havasu to celebrate their 10 “What’s really interesting, from the beginning the traits we saw with them, even when tiny babies, have stayed with them as they’ve grown into little kids,” said Laura Masche.“I like to do my homework alone, it’s always loud downstairs,” she said.Savannah said she hopes to be an orthodontist when she grows up.For now, he is perfectly content playing with his siblings.Sometimes for sport, and always at their own expense. “It’s enjoyable to watch your brothers and sisters get crushed.” For alone time, Grant said he loves to play video games. MOLLI Molli said she most enjoys swimming when it comes to activities including all five of her siblings.

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